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Why “Anchors – from Carol”

Anchor – noun, often attributive: a reliable or principle support/foundation; main source of strength/security; a person or thing that provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.
Dash (-) – symbol: a mark used on a tombstone that separates the dates from beginning to end; represents all the time spent alive on Earth; illustrates the time that matters the most.

Carol, during a vacation to Johns Island, SC, in the summer of 2015, was nick-named the “anchor dragger” because of her struggles to participate in all of the activities during the trip and would frequently be found napping in preparation for the next venture. It was on this trip that she fell in love with the Island and also proclaimed Charleston as one of her favorite cities.

Soon after the trip, it was discovered that it was her ovarian Cancer that was her “anchor”. Carol began to refer to her Cancer as the anchor holding her back & eventually embraced the positive symbolic meaning of an anchor as she battled her Cancer.
Carol’s “anchor” became her symbol of strength, sanctuary & serenity. She carried a small silver anchor with her at all times as a reminder to never give up.


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